That’s how you say “How are you friends?” in both Tagalog (Filipino Language) and Italian. Why are we greeting you guys in Tagalog and Italian? Because the Lord is leading us, Di Leonardos, to Italy to reach the Filipinos residing there!

Why reach the  Filipinos in Italy?


Jesus said, “Go home to your own people and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.”
— Mark 5:19

Who are our ‘own people’ ?

To the Di Leonardos they are the Filipino and Italian people. Alessandro is both Italian and Filipino, while Allison is Filipina. After a short vacation trip to Italy, we were surprised to see many Filipinos residing in Italy. After a few conversation with Italian missionaries, online research, and a short vision trip, we quickly discovered that there are many Filipinos living in Italy for job purposes, mostly working as live-in domestic workers, being home only for a limited time. With a schedule like that, it is very difficult for them to be part of a Christian community. In fact there aren’t many Evangelical Christian churches in Italy that focuses in reaching the Filipino community. The few Filipino churches that do exist are overseen by overworked Filipino pastors who often are either working a full time vocational job or pastoring multiple churches due to the lack of pastors.


The Di Leonardos have a desire to meet that need. We will be moving to Cisterna di Latina, a 20 minute train ride from Rome. In Cisterna, during our vision trip, we connected with a Filipino family

and friends that has been meeting on a weekly basis, holding Sunday worship services for the past three years. They have been praying for an Italian Filipino pastor to lead them for these past three years. How crazy that the Lord placed the desire first to go, and then introduced us to the specific place He wants us in. Only God can do such things!

Here’s our Plan

  • Move to Cisterna di Latina, Italy by April 2019

  • Pastor and disciple the current group

  • Raise up leaders within

  • Reach the Filipinos residing in Cisterna di Latina (over 800 registered Filipinos)

  • Empower the church members to engage and participate in the fight against any social injustices that are taking place in Italy

  • Empower the Filipinos, which most are trilingual (Tagalog, English, and Italian) to reach both the Italians and African refugees that also reside in Cisterna di Latina.

How can you partner with us?

Pray with Us and for Us


Language Acquisition

For Alessandro to learn Tagalog (Filipino language) and for Allison to learn Italian



Right partners for the ministry (in whatever capacity)



Daily encouragement (balancing work, ministry and getting ready for this big step)


Opportunities to hear God’s will in all of this

Share the Vision

Invite us at to share the vision at your church or schedule a meet with the Di Leonardos to personally share the vision.

Become a Financial Partner

Give Checks

Make a check out to Praise Christian Church (our sending church) with a note stating “The Di Leonardos’ Mission” and mail to P.O. Box 2006, Bayonne NJ 07002


Text <any amount> dileonardos to 84321 to initiate giving and follow the instructions.

Give Online

Click the button below, fill out the necessary information and make sure to choose from the dropdown Support - Di Leonardos.

Buy a One-Time Gift “Box”

Plane Ticket

The Di Leonardos will be flying into Rome, Italy. A one-way ticket for the both of them will cost about $700. Get the Di Leonardos to Italy by supporting a portion of their flight tickets! Buy a plane ticket box for $50. (3/15 given)

Logos Software

Alessandro took pride in building up his extensive library for serious Bible study. Unfortunately he will not be able to bring it with him to Italy. An alternative is to purchase Logos, a Bible Study Software, that contains an extensive list of digital books. The cost for a mid-level program (Bronze) is about $700. Equip Alessandro with tools that will aid in the study, teaching, and preaching of God’s word by contributing towards the purchase of this Bible Study Software, Logos! Buy a Logos box for $50. (3/15 given)

Electric Keyboard

The church in Cisterna, Living Word, has a great line-up of guitarist and singers for the praise & worship ministry. However, they currently lack a pianist. Allison has been learning to play the Electric Keyboard for the past few months with hopes to included it in the Living Word praise & worship ministry. Allow Allison to continue practicing and eventually playing the piano for the Living Word praise & worship ministry by contributing towards the purchase of an electric keyboard! Buy a keyboard box for $20. (3/15 given)

Adobe Suite

One way Allison has been serving her current church is through Media. An example of this is how she used her skills and talent to build and manage the church’s website. Her choice of tools are from the Adobe Suite design software. She hopes to carry over her skill set to Cisterna. Equip Allison with this design software package by contributing towards the purchase of Adobe Suite! Buy an Adobe box for $20. (2/7 given)

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