We would like to welcome you home, so join us this Sunday at 10:30 AM.

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What to expect this Sunday?



Come as you are to worship Jesus through singing and listening to music



Listen to the Word of God and be challenged and encouraged.



Meet new people and fellowship with one another as you grab food and eat together.

Men Ministry

The PCC Men’s Ministry is a fellowship for men desiring to grow in their relationship with Christ and the church, and to serve as His hands and feet through the various ministries of PCC.




The women’s ministry of Praise Christian Church seeking to provide opportunities for growing together spiritually and serving Christ through and within the church and the community.

Young Adults

The Young Adults Ministry (YAM) focuses on edifying young adults (from about 18 years old to 23 years old) into becoming serious disciples of Jesus Christ. Our gathering consists of, but not limited to, worshiping with music, studying the Bible, and encouraging one another through fun-filled fellowship. The YAMs also engage in outside activities such as picnic outreaches, hiking, and volunteering.




The teenage years can be a very confusing time. It is a time where a child matures to become more independent, emotions and hormones starts to take over, and they begin to look for their place in this world. There are pressures from friends, classmates, parents, school, media, and so much more. Our Youth Ministry is here to help counsel our young people and guide them through these daunting times, using the Word of God as our basis. Through scripture and guidance from passionate youth leaders, this ministry helps our youth navigate through the many challenges that they will face, from temptation and peer pressure to emotions and responsibilities. It is a ministry full of energy, fun, and excitement, where they learn together to develop Godly perspective and make wise choices in life that prepare them for their futures.


Having a child-like faith is important to us, and our kids remind us of that everyday. They are very dear to us, so we make sure they are exposed and founded in Christ. They have their own Sunday school, junior worship and play time.

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